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janazleonhart (SuperAdmin) 6/11/2010 11:17 PM EST : Information about Seductress of Men

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We are a fun and friendly guild who like helping each other and making World of Warcraft a more enjoyable place, but please read below.

General Info

Seductress of Men is named that for 3 reasons:

1. When we help eachother, we make eachother WANT to be here.
2. When we help other people, we make them WANT to help our sisters.
3. WoW itself is the ultimate Seducer of Men!

"If you go to a resteraunt because of a TV ad, you were SEDUCED into going"


NYMPH                  (Entry level)  Tabs 1-2
FLIRT                    (This level earned by donating useful items to the GB)  Tabs 1-4
SEDUCTRESS        (This level earned by inviting someone into the Guild)  All Tabs
VIXEN                   (Must be voted into this position.  Takes care of minor responsibilities)  All Tabs
SIREN                   (Also voted on.  Usually has one major responsibilty and the GM's confidence)  All Tabs


Seductress of Men helps its members in as many ways as it can, and one of them is VOCATIONS, an aid to Roleplay.

Vocations identify for others in the guild the way your character wants to interact with them, and helps remind you how you wanted to roleplay your character.  All members have to have a Vocation chosen by the time they go for Vixen, but you can change Vocation at any time.

CONSPIRATOR:  The heavy RPer, with a purpose:  to increase the influence of the Guild and make contacts within others guilds.  Will usually invite more into the guild than others.

GUARDIAN:  Helps guildies with hard quests, difficult mats, or just someone to level with / talk to.

HEROINE:  A powerhouse, whatever level.  Her bent is to Instances and/or PvP, and may help the guild bank with items and money.  They often organize instances/raids with eachother and outsiders.

MAIDEN:  No particular strings on her, she's here mainly for friendship and careless RP. 

RULER:  Some ranks in the guild overshadow Vocation.  The Guild Mistress and Sirens have duties that take more of their time!  They lead and organize the Guild.

One last note on Vocations:  While this helps you decide who to ask if you need something, remember that no one HAS to do anything they don't want to, including you!  But try to remember you chose your own role for yourself if asked for help!


1. Guild Chat is allowed to be OOC, but staying IC is better!  Face-to-face is always IC
2. No ERP in Guild Chat.  If you want to ERP, private them or talk face-to-face.
3. If a Vixen or Siren (officer ranks) ask you to do something, you should do it or have a real good reason why not for the Guild Mistress!  I     will listen to all sides, but my officers get more weight.  I hope you understand; If they have a responsibility, they have to have the     authority too.  Remember this when voting for them!


Voip loaned us the money needed to make this first bank tab- be nice to him!
Bethia was the major contributor for Tab 3
Patientzerô bought Tab 4 in its entirety
Laty and Patientzerô bought Tab 5
Everyone contributed for Tabs 2 and 6

And a thanks to all our members!

Characters: Janaz

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